Friday, October 15, 2010

A short one.

In order to keep my personal sanity, I'm keeping this one short.
Adams will have surgery before the end of the year. Considering it's the middle of October, it won't be long now. We very well could be spending Halloween, Thanksgiving, or Christmas sitting by our little boy's bedside. His 3 favorite holidays, other than his birthday of course! He thinks its a holiday anyway LOL! The girls have one recital this month, and one around Christmas. Ellie's 4th birthday is December 29th. Keith and Emily's birthdays are both in Feb. No matter what, for one of the kids, or all of the kids, this is just going to stink.  My heart just isn't in the  holiday season this year. We bought 2 pumpkins, haven't made them into jack-o-lanterns yet. Costumes are bought. No plans for  Thanksgiving, or Christmas. We haven't even looked at trees or gifts. Anyway...for the scientific ones.
C1 and C2 both slip. The vertibrae in your cervical spine are supposed to move about 5 mm when you look up and down. Looking up Adam's move 14mm when looking down 13mm. Normally, the doctor would go in and fuse the two together, and possibly a plate and screws on the back of the skull for C1 and a screw at C3. There is one problem when it comes to that for Adam. The base of his skull has grown abnormally, growing into the area where the spinal cord is. As Adam grows, as with all bones, this will grow too. We all know what happens when something damages the spinal cord. So, in order to avoid that, they have to cut it out. This is all deep inside the body, none of these bones can be felt. So Dr. Reisner is going to meet with the other doctors in his office and let us know the exact game plan and hopefully the surgery will be scheduled as well. If  I don't hear from him Monday by 12 noon, I'm to call him. This is all very meticulous work and we've been reminded over and over again how major this is. We could lose him, he could end up paralyzed, anything could happen. I have a hard time with this, of course. Little man has been through so much, I'm sure he'll come through this....God always has great things planned for us, I'm going to trust in that for Adam too.


Anonymous said...

((((((Erica))))) You'll get through one day at a time... and leaning on God and everyone else who supports you. :( I didn't realize that you have a blog, I'll have to try to keep up!