Monday, January 16, 2012

A new year.... new perspective.

So far this year has been crazy, busy, hectic...and.... absolutely wonderful! Adams has had a lot of appointments so far (crazy I know .... only two weeks into the new year) We are now homeschooling all of our kids (Adams included) and he has a 98 average!!! We have had bumps in the road, the VPI surgery was horrible and I never want to go through that again. The make a wish foundation is JUST now getting through completing his wish (eh, what can ya do). We found out that Adams' hearing loss is strictly conductive and that the inner parts of his ears work perfectly.  And.... we're looking at another surgery this Friday. After the VPI surgery the anesthesiologist said that he had a really hard time intubating Adams due to his anatomy and the cervical spinal fusion. It took them 45 mins and a camera scope to get it done last time so this time they had to go through all the risks and extra risks with me at his pre-op. Through all the surgeries, doctors appointments, bad days, bad weeks and months Adam is happy. Adam loves God. Adam doesn't question why his life is the way it is. He inspires us to be better people. I want to  live my life right because when I die I want my family complete. Adam will be there when God calls him - I hope when he's 90 or older of course... He knows that he is here by God's grace to fulfill a purpose. I wish I could be more like him. I want to have the peace about our situation, scratch that, his situation that he lives through. Pray for my boy. God's will be done. I'm letting go of the wheel like I have so many times before and I know that while Adam is in surgery Jesus will hold his hand just as he does whenever Mommy and Daddy can't.