Friday, September 9, 2011

A new heart.... Or an old one healed.

About this time 8 years ago I was at home with my beautiful baby boy, he was around 6 months old and cute as a button! He was small for his age - wearing 3-6 month clothes, tiny little feet, itty bitty hands, cute little ears, etc...but he had a HUGE heart... The kid smiled non stop. I jokingly say that I had to remember to feed him because he never cried- well it's mostly true! Adams was a snuggly, squishy, sweet baby boy. We didn't know then, and are still finding out just how resillient he is. Also, what a MIRACLE he is.

If you know me, you know I love to take a shower, the hotter the water the better.... Add some good smelling soap and I'm in heaven! I do alot in the shower (other than bathe of course!)... That includes talking to God, "formal" praying, talking to myself (you didn't know I was crazy?!), and relaxing.

 We were getting ready to go back to the cardiologist to check on Adam's enlarged ventricle and hole in his heart. In my normal (lunatic) fashion, the night before A's appointment I prayed in the shower. It was a crying, pleading, heart breaking prayer time. I got mad, I got sad, I got strong, and that was replaced with weakness, it was actually quite bipolar thinking back on it LOL!... One thing that I DO know is that without God in Adam's life he'd be nothing. He wouldn't be here. Even THAT long ago, still in the honeymoon stage of having our baby boy we knew that.... maybe it was a window into what was to come over the next 8 years. Who knows.... Anyway, during all that praying this came to me. " I may not heal Adam physically. But I will heal his heart. " I thought this meant physically heal his heart (duh, me). Adam's heart DID check out much better at that appointment, in fact, we haven't seen Dr. Donner since! :D I was a happy Mama, Keith was a happy Daddy, Papa and Grandpa were over joyed, Grandma cried and said "I knew it! I told you all along that boy is going to be just FINE!" ....  It was a great day!

We've had hiccups, road bumps, black clouds that won't leave us alone, and blessings. All of the can'ts, won'ts, will nevers.... they are just yield signs to this little boy. I'll list some of them now:
" Adam won't crawl until he's at least 18 months old, possibly even two."- DONE- 12 months old :D (This kid drug his head on the floor for 6 months, all the time gaining strength"
"We don't expect Adam to walk until he's around 3 years old." DONE- 18 months
" This child's head was held together for the past 7 years with nothing but scar tissue, you must be really good parents because he shouldn't be here!" -DONE.... He's HERE, and right now playing on the playground with his friends at school! (Not to mention he's fallen down stairs, off slides, out of swings, off his bed, off the top bunk on his bed, etc all BEFORE the fusion)
"With hearing like Adams, he should be non verbal." - DONE- The kid won't shut up. Seriously. He's a blabber mouth. No, we don't understand everything he says but he'll get there... Wait and see.

Those... ^ those right up there ^^^ are just suggestions to this little boy. He's improving daily. He has a long, hard road ahead of him. NO- he hasn't been fully healed physically... But you should get to know his heart- It's full of gold..... and God. Never underestimate the power of prayer. Ever.

"God is GREAT!" - Adams. (Mommy, Daddy, Sissy, Budder, and Elwie think so too!)