Saturday, January 8, 2011

Comfort for a cold night...

Anyone that is close to our family knows about the macaroni bowl. I don't know where my Grandma got it or even how long she had it, all I know is that it is o.l.d.... That bowl has been an integrate part of our family since I can remember. The only thing that has ever been made in it (that I know of) is macaroni. My grandmother's macaroni was the cure all for everything , colds, flu, heartaches, and was always there during happy times too. My Grandma ended up passing it down to my mom before she died. With Grandma's macaroni you don't eat anything with it. Just get a big old bowl of goodness and chow down. No... savor the first bite. At Grandma's there was a "mmmmmmmm" in unison, at my Mama's the same "mmmmmmm".....and now it's the same at my house. It is hot to the touch, but warms the very soul too. You know that whoever made it did so with love, and just for you.. It's just a bowl with some food in it, but it's what happens around the bowl that matters. The tears of sadness, and of joy surround it....but most of all it is filled with love.  I hope my kids cherish  this like my family does, I hope that the memories flood back for them just like they do for me long after I'm gone, and I hope that every time they make "Grandma's  macaroni and cheese" it brings them comfort because it will be a huge hug from all of us.  Spend time with your family, make it a point to talk to them and spend time with them....especially if they are old. Time goes by SO fast. Think long and hard about what's in your "bowl" and how people will remember you.

Monday, January 3, 2011

2 months down 4-10 to go and we'll be??? Doing whatever this little guy wants!

Know what he wishes for????
How amazing is that?????  I'm relaxing just looking at this picture.
Oh and he wants this too
I'm so stinkin excited for him!!!! I'm sure he'll have a ball (of course we will too!) a whole week of YES....because NO won't be in our vocabulary (unless there are any dare devil stunts or things that are just never allowable lol) 
We had a GREAT Christmas and are SO glad it's a NEW year!! Surely this year will be better than the last!?