Monday, June 29, 2009


Thanks Kristi for reminding me what the addy was for this blog!! SO anyway Hows about an update?! NOTE: THIS IS RANDOM!!!!

Ok SO A-man is done with school for the summer and starts FIRST grade on July 30th!! He and I are SUPER excited! We have a doctors appointment just about every week this month. 2 the week of the 14th :) I can't wait to go to the Marcus Institute...sounds like a very interesting place that is devoted to helping children that others used to write off :) I am SO blessed that nobody has written my child off as "unhelp-able" It has taken 6 years but now he has a team of doctors who, along with his family, are devoted to making him the absolute BEST he can be. We don't expect overnight improvement. Its going to be a (mostly) up hill battle..He will never totally be "normal" BUT I believe that he WILL be an amazing, wonderful, self supporting, person who thru his trials and tribulations will learn something that many of us do not get the PRIVILEGE to learn....I don't know what that is yet...but its not my lesson ..He has already taught me so much..I thought I knew everything...but I was wrong! (see I can admit to being wrong from time to time lol) Little man is trying this best to teach me patience... imagine a 6 year old with a 2 year olds impulse to do strange, often destructive things...I'm trying to learn to be patient with him and my other kids and I have come a long way..but I'm not perfect...its gonna take a My house is messy 90% of the time even though I clean constantly throughout the day...I just spent 20 minutes picking up a billion straws that he decided he needed to strew all over the house. Why? Who knows. He knows..but he wont let me in on his secrets lol ! There are days when I absolutely think he really has an agenda..That is to drive me absolutely bonkers (like in the fetal position rocking in the corner bonkers) but then he smiles, or laughs, or hugs and kisses me and I realize that he is just a very very different person than I am. He sees things differently than I do. I just over the past year have realized that he sees BEAUTY in mundane things. he can look at a pile of sticks on the ground and make something out of them that we never thought of... While doing tasks that are every day for us, he's bored. He cant concentrate on learning to read, or listening to a story, even watching most TV shows...but give him a pile of sticks (or in this case a new pack of straws) and he concentrates, he makes something out of them.... If you watch him you can see it in his eyes.... you can almost hear that wheel turning in his head :) His teachers, doctors, friends, family and I have to find a way to unlock him.. we need to find a way that will let us into his world.. Thank God as he gets older he's letting us in a little more...I'm sure the neighbors think the weirdos down the street need to find something better to do than make letters and shapes out of sticks, or count the blades of grass in the front yard..but its ok...I regret this but I spent years...yes YEARS embarrassed of my child. That was a hard sentence to type... I wasn't embarrassed of how he looked or walked or anything like that....I just wished that when we were out of the house he might wait until we were in an empty aisle in Wal-Mart to ask me a question or rearrange things on the shelf. I can't handle the pity stares, or even dirty looks... I know what the people in the store were thinking... (hey! i used to be one of those people!) I'll go over some peoples thoughts at Wal-Mart last week.. 1)"Man shes got a lot of kids to be so young!", 2)"He looks different, I know he's not Down's syndrome but....something is definitely different", 3)"Bless his heart!" ( Come on! We all know what that means!) 4)"She really needs to discipline that older boy for getting all the stuff mixed up on the shelf" 5) "what did she do to make that poor little boy cry like that!?" (well ya wanted me to discipline him and now I'm the devil himself for leaning down and whispering in his ear for him to stop?!) OR....this is what I love: "....................." I love the blank stare....The kid has hearing aids and glasses...I mean REALLY it's not like he's got a hand growing out of the top of his head! OR you're just jealous that you couldn't get YOUR hearing aids in neon blue! I bet that's what it is....Younger people , thank God, aren't as big "stare-ers" as older people. I love older people but really....y'all taught me that staring is rude...but you can do it? Anyway it was just easier not to take him ...or put him in the cart so he couldn't reach anything and shh him very quietly the whole time we were in the store. NOW ..go to the store with me...we rearrange LOTS of things (I make sure to put them back)....we yell songs walking down the aisles if Adam wants to sing...the kids get free cookies that HE gets to ask for.... We wear flip flops on the wrong feet in the middle of the mall... and now I stare back...then I hold my son's hand....and smile....funny thing is the nice people smile back and I know they were just curious....the mean people back down and turn their heads or walk off and mumble under their breaths.....most of the time as I say "Have a nice day!" to them.

This blog totally didn't go the way I planned it LOL! But Anyway now that I can log in I'll be able to blog more often! We are still waiting on the Noonan's testing results so keep your fingers crossed, prayers prayed, all that jazz....Not expecting it to be negative but just praying for answers.....that's all I care about anymore...I just want answers..