Saturday, July 16, 2011

Realizing you can't fix things.

I can't fix Adam. I can't change his DNA, I can't take away the autism and CP. I can't take his aches and pains out of his neck and head when the weather is wacky. I can't tell his medical problems, even his allergies just to leave him alone already. I have. I would. I still do. It doesn't work that way. If love could heal him, he'd be the healthiest happiest person on the planet right now. Yesterday was a quiet day, he barely spoke, generally felt icky because it was a rainy day. I guess the good thing is it wasn't contagious...the bad thing is, it wasn't contagious. If it was, it would run through the family then leave... this won't leave. We have to deal with things as they come the best way we know how. I hope that Adam learns one thing during his life, he is loved.