Tuesday, March 2, 2010

apology and update :).

OK so I stink at blogging! I am going to promise again to blog more ..especially since SO much has happened since the last time! It stinks to have to type super long entries LOL! was the last time and now it is March?! The year went by SUPER fast for us. they put Adam on hospital/home bound until his appointment with the neurologist....Seriously I am SO glad he doesn't go to that school anymore! The neurologist looked at all of Adams scans and since the spinal cord is NOT affected by the malformed bone right now he's putting his scalpel away...we have to go back every so often for follow ups but no surgery, no halo, NOTHING for at least a year :) Adams didn't end up with a cleft but his neck is wider than normal with his palate resting on the adenoids so as he grows and they shrink more than likely the doctors at the craniofacial clinic @ CHOA will have to put fake ones back there... He had the check up for this last month and so far so good...Hopefully it will never come to pass. God has had his hand on this little boy since day one and I don't think he's stopping now :) Adam had 4 teeth pulled due to over crowding a couple of weeks ago and is recovering very well from that..This surgery was step one to braces that he'll get next year. We saw the developmental pediatrician (Dr. Rubin) at Huges Spalding ( another CHOA) and unfortunately (or fortunately..its all about perspective!) he was diagnosed with Autism PDD-NOS.... I am coming to terms with it slowly but surely...The "A" word has always been the elephant in the room that nobody paid any attention to. The RN came in and talked to me about some of the things he does (the road drawing and emotional stuff) and brought up the "A" word...She said that Dr. Rubin and a couple other people wanted to talk to me about it and left the room...I had my mini breakdown in the bathroom. Took a few deep breaths and sat back down in my chair. I faced them as bravely as I could for Adam. I didn't cry in front of them. I don't know why but that's my thing...never let them see you cry...i don't want anyone to feel sorry for Adam or for us. This is the stack of cards that we were dealt...and that Adam was dealt. I don't know why....i don't know how and it seems like it never ends. one day we will know the reason.. Or maybe we wont... who knows? I do know that my life has been changed dramatically by that little string bean. My silly, happy, inspirational little boy....I also know that he has changed other people's lives. It always floors me when people that I barely even know tell me how he has changed them for the better. It warms my heart and is confirmation that all of these trials he goes through...the doctors, the pricks and prods...every bit of it is for a reason...My baby has a purpose! If we can keep things in perspective and look at the bigger picture...the miracle that he is even here...the even bigger miracle that he is healthy we will be alright!