Sunday, November 7, 2010

We're home....About the surgery

Tuesday we got up early and drove down to Children's for Adams' surgery. It was a quiet drive, I think that Keith, Emily and I were all in our own little worlds. We were able to play with him a little bit and love on him before they called us back to the pre-op room. The nurse was very nice, and the anesthesiologist. Dr. Reisner came in to make sure we understood what was happening after surgery and to get my cell phone number so he could have the nurse call with updates. He said the surgery would be around 5 hours. They gave Adam his Versed to keep him calm so they could put him to sleep easily and there wouldn't be any separation anxiety. A few minutes later they wheeled our hearts out on that stretcher. I watched him until I couldn't see him any more. We were lucky to have people that care about us and Adams there. Grandpa, Papa, Becky, Ms. Jean, Mr. John, and the Repasky's were there. I gotta tell you..... If you have a child, never,ever, EVER be away from them for so long they ask you who you are when you say hello to them. That is inexcusable. Adams' biological father never even said "I love you" during the two days they were here to his son, and hasn't called to see if he's OK or even at home. But enough about that. About every hour and a half the nurse would call to give us updates and after what seemed like years the part of the surgery that Dr. Reisner did was over. He came out and said that every thing went as expected and Adam tolerated it well. Then he had to go back into the operating room to help Dr. Wruble with the fusion part. It is humbling to see two well known doctors come out of the back sweating and looking exhausted after working on YOUR child. Dr. Wruble told us that basically Adams has been walking around all this time internally decapitated. The only thing holding his head onto his body was scar tissue. I was shocked. We all were shocked. How in the world can a child walk around like this and nobody realize it...He shouldn't have made it this far. Then the light bulb turned on. God. God has always had his hand on this little boy and he's not stopping now. This whole time I've been praying for God to show me that he's in this. That he knows what he's doing and that there is a plan. Dr. Riski first found the compression in just a normal every day x-ray. Keith and I were determined to make Dr. Reisner SEE that there was something more going on, we felt it in our hearts and it was a feeling that couldn't be relieved no matter how many scans, x-rays, and visits we had. Dr. Reisner did the last set of x-rays to just double check because Adams had been falling down more often. Thank God for good gut feelings on the doc's  part. That guy is a smart, smart man. He knows his limits. Dr. Wruble is amazing and I'm glad that he took the time to consult with Dr. R. and agreed to help with the surgery.  I can see now that all things go according to HIS plan. I laughed when Dr. Reisner said they were taking part of Adams rib....but that's exactly what I asked for (God showed me right there he has a purpose). I was afraid of Adams being in a HALO..well Dr. Wruble said the fusion was so solid he would just have a C-Collar. (God was there too) I dreaded seeing my baby boy on a ventilator.. Adams did so well they weaned him off of it in the recovery room. (God) Day 4 after surgery Adams had NO pain medicine and came home.  We were supposed to be in the hospital at least 5-7 days but there was nothing they were doing that couldn't be done at home. So here we are. (God)...... Of course there were bumps in the road, needing oxygen longer than expected, no appetite, and just over all being sad on Adams' part. But he's OK now. I got my buggie smiles back! We are all home, and all happy. Physical therapy starts soon and I'm sure he'll get annoyed with the collar sooner than later. We'll work through those things as they come, as we have always done. But right now it is a lazy Sunday morning spending time together and thanking God for our miracle. The little boy who has beat all odds. And there is a reason for it...just watch. You'll see it too!