Thursday, June 21, 2012


Our two boys are so alike..yet so different. Most of the time life goes on and we don't really think about it other times- like last night, it hits me right in the face like a ton of bricks. Harold slipped on the kitchen floor and bit THROUGH his lip. There was screaming, and blood, and tears, more screaming,  and then a four hour wait in the local hospital's waiting room. 2 stitches later we got home at 1:45 am. My baby boy woke up and he has been doing as well as could be expected today. This sounds (or looks) wrong when I say this..but thank God Adam didn't slip! He could have been very hurt, or worse.  I'm thankful for both my boys. They're my buddies and I wouldn't trade them for anything in this world. Harold gives us our daily dose of "normal" he's broken a bone, he's busted his lip, he's gotten into poison ivy, learned how to swim, etc. etc. etc. We get our mild heart attacks from him, bandage him up, and go on about our daily lives without thinking twice about it. With Adam it's like one mild heart attack that never goes away, but gets worse with every bit of "bad" news we get. He's fragile. He's never hurt himself from being " a boy" but his body fails him in some way every day. He doesn't know what it's like to get hurt, heal, and feel good again. But he smiles. His giggles make us all laugh even when we are in our own little pity party. He puckers his lips up like a fish to kiss us and tell us that he loves us. The kid takes every blow with grace. I kick scream and cry on the inside (sometimes on the outside too) but he just deals with it. Most of the time with a smile on his face. He knows everything is going to be ok. So we have two boys. Two VERY different boys. Two STRONG boys. I love them both with every bit of my heart. I don't know how our life is going to end up. I do know that there is nothing I would change about it.