Thursday, December 23, 2010

The forgotten post

I can. NOT . Believe I forgot to post this!!!!!!! NO C-COLLAR!!!!!!! Adam had his 6 week follow up , after x-rays on the 15th of this month. "The fusion is solid!" The best words I've ever heard. Hands down. Adam is a wild man....back to normal.. He even said to me today: "Mom!!! I'm not sad anymore!!!" ..... Hallelujah. We don't have to walk into that neurosurgery office for another 4 months. Hearing aids will be ready the 28th, eye doctor the 30th and speech pathologist/dentist/orthodontist next month along with C.P. clinic. Baby's gettin some new shoes! Hopefully his back and legs will get to feeling even better and Mama and Daddy won't have to buy shoes so often because he wears holes in the right heel. Merry Christmas!!!!!!! May ALL your dreams come true :)