Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Surgery Update.

The surgeon called last night and said that C-1 is slipping in Adam's spine so we have to do an MRI as soon as possible, hopefully this week but probably next week, to see how bad. He is out of town next week so our appt to see him probably won't be until the 2nd week in October, unless they can get him in tomorrow. He stated Adams' condition as not critical but definitely serious. He's not going to rush into surgery but not going to drag his feet either. He's hoping that there isn't any damage being done to his spinal cord. Hopefully he can get this fixed before that happens, or the MRI will show that it won't hurt his spinal cord, those are the two good options. He's talking more along the surgery lines now than he has in the past. Adams is still on restrictions physically. I really didn't want him to have to go through surgery right now but at this point I feel like if they can help him have a better life then I'm all for it. Not being able to run and play or even wrestle around with his little brother is no life for a 7 year old boy. Not to mention we hold our breath every time he falls. Anyway....more tests...more waiting. The story of our lives.